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How to add some widget to your blog =)

Most people love the beauties blog widget. Yes, right? because the widget will beautify your blog. Never tried before? Let me teach and together we create.
Kebanyakan orang suka blog yang berhiaskan widget. Yalah kan? sebab widget akan mencantikkan lagi blog anda. Tak pernah cuba sebelum ini? Jom saya ajarkan dan sama-sama kita buat. Jom!

1) As always, please sign in to your account.
Macam biasa, sign in akaun blog anda.

2)Now, hit the link below to select the widget you like!
Sekarang, Tekan link diatas untuk memilih widget yang anda suka!

3) Did you see that beautiful widgets there? Select the widget you like. After satisfied with the selected widget, press the widget  to copy the widget code. You can also choose the k-pop widget here:
Kpop / widget.com

Korang ada nampak widget-widget yang cantik disana? Pilih widget yang anda suka. Selepas berpuas hati dengan widget dipilih, tekan widget tersebut untuk copy kod widget itu. Anda juga boleh memilih widget k-pop disini :

4)Select whether you want it in the sidebar, or put it on your blog corner. Do not know what the results later? Try first. Later you will know. Once satisfied, copy all the code and paste them into the Javascript box.
Pilih sama ada anda mahu meletakkannya di sidebar, atau meletakkannya pada penjuru blog anda. Tidak tahu apa hasilnya nanti? Cuba dahulu. Nanti anda akan  tahu. Setelah puas hati, copy semua kodnya dan paste diruang Javascript.

5) Click save and see the 'magic' !
Tekan save pada Javascript dan lihat hasilnya!

How to apply HTML javascript code.
Cara pasang Javascript.

Normally widgets such as shoutbox, online visitor counter, recent post with thumbnail widget and many other elements that are important to the blog, we need to install the script code on html or javascript. The addition will usually want to do the same through the code obtained should be copied and pasted in column html / javascript.

Tutorial time will show on your staff how to code HTML / Javascript on the blog.

1) Login to your blogger account

2) Go to design, If you are a new blogger, click layout.

3) Click add a gadget.

4) Search :

5) See? Paste your code in the space provided. Then click 'save' !

 Credits to : Jom Bina Blog.