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How to make transparent header using online image editor =)

Hi! I'm here to teach you how to make transparent header using online image editor! I want to teach you because i know that not everyone have photoshop right? Ok ok..we will start now!

1. Go to the link below:

2. Click the "Create a new image" button.Then, it will appear like the picture below right?

3. Next! Type your width and height for the header. Usually we used 800x300 or 900x300. Don't forget to tick the transparent box!Then click "OK" button. Then it'll be like the picture below.

4. To add picture, click the "layer" button and then click the "open image as layer" button.

5. Then choose your picture. Make sure it is transparent! I'll choose an anime picture. Like the below one!

6. Ok! To move the picture, we have to click the "arrow" button. Then, just move it to the place that you want. I'm so sorry because the picture can't resize so we have to choose small picture.

7. After that, click the "A" button to add some texts.

8. Time to save! Click the "file" button and after that click "save". Done!

                                                            ~Thanks for viewing this tutorial! ^_^ ~