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How to apply background for chatbox in your blog =)

This tutorial is just for the blogskinner! =)

1. Go to this website to choose your chatbox background ----> http://justanothertutorial.blogspot.com/

2. Click the "Tutorials/Materials" button.

3. After you click that button,scroll down and you'll see the "CHAT BOX BACKGROUND" phrase.

  4. And then choose the one that you want. Ok! for example..i want to choose this one...

5. Copy all the codes and paste the codes at the notepad or you can paste it at sticky notes. Then, highlight the codes in blue and delete it.

6. After you delete the codes, paste your chatbox codes. You can get your chatbox here--->http://www.cbox.ws/getone.php. Then, it should be like the picture below


7. And the last step is copy the codes to your blogger templates. Done! ^_^

                              Make sure you change the chatbox size!